Mistaken for a Trump adviser with same name in late October 2017

Something crazy happened in late 2017 when one of Trump's advisers also named George Papadopoulos was arrested and plead guilty for lying to the FBI in regards to Mueller's Russia probe. All hell broke loose when the news hit the wires as I was visiting my mother in Greece at the time. Here are some of the media articles made about this incident as I tried to make the best of it and have some fun along the way...

First, here is my denial tweet that went viral

Atlantic: Not That George Papadopoulos

CNN: Internet bashes the wrong George Papadopoulos

NPR: George Papadopoulos Says He's Not 'That" George Papadopoulos

Wired: Today Is Not a Good Day to be George Papadopoulos on Twitter

BBC: George Papadopoulos Mistaken for George Papadopoulos

TIME: Dear Twitter: Please Stop Harassing Financial Planner George Papadopoulos

Barron's: For George Papadopoulos, a Long, Long Day

Mashable: Life is tough on Twitter when you share a name with someone in Trump's administration

Moneyish: The other George Papadopoulos tells Moneyish what it's like to get dragged into Mueller's Russia probe

Detroit News: 'I am NOT Trump's foreign policy adviser!'

Newsweek: Meet the other George Papadopoulos who has nothing to do with Trump or Russia

Investment News: George Papadopoulos, financial planner, confused with key figure in Trump probe on social media

Washington Examiner: Everyone keeps confusing accountant George Papadopoulos for the Trump adviser who was arrested by the FBI

Financial Planning: 'For the nth time, I am NOT' that Papadopoulos, advisor pleads

MSN: 'Not That George Papadopoulos': Twitter Confuses Michigan CPA With Trump Adviser

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